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In Rubber...
In Rubber  (parody of "In Summer" from Frozen)
[Ally] I'm guessing you don't have much... experience with bondage?
[Anne] Nope!  But sometimes I like to close my eyes,
and imagine what it'll be like....

Clippers'll buzz, I'll shave myself down to peach fuzz
And it'll be swell when I'm all dressed up in rubber.
Cuffs on my hands, my ass in the air for all to tan.
My love life certainly won't be bland in rubber.
I'll finally have a sexy dom, blow away my mind.
And find out what exactly will fit in my behind!
And I can't wait to see, what my buddies all think of me.
Just imagine how much hotter I'll be in rubber.

[gagged] Ah eh, ah oo, uh ah ah ah ah ah oo
The metal and the lace are both so intense,
Put 'em together it just makes sense!

[gagged] Rrr Rah ah aht ah ah ah aht ah ah ah ah oo
It'll give me the sexiest feeling, I'll bet,
just put me in rubber and I'll simply — moan with happiness!
When life gets rough, I like to h
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One Enchanted Evening...
Jarred was the lowliest stableboy in the castle.  His days were spent mucking out the stalls of all the nobility's horses.  When lavish parties were thrown, he would look up at the shining towers and imagine what that life was like.  
One night, when the King had called for a great ball for all the nearby kingdoms, Jarred looked at the first star of the evening and wished that, just for once, he might know the wonder of attending such an affair.  
Little did Jarred suspect that the first star of evening has a special magic that, if a wish came from the heart, could make one's wish come true.  A great wind seemed to come from nowhere and whirled around him.  He felt himself lifted into the air, spinning and spinning.  He felt his dirty skin become smooth and fair, his hair grow long, his chest expanding and filling strange undergarments, his ragged rough clothes turn shimmering and flowing.  He felt golden s
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